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Designer's Note

Since 2017, Sana Nasir//Koi Nahi has served as Art Director of the Lahore Music Meet ensuring that the ethos of the festival and Pakistani music is represented through her choice of visual language.

Jo Hum Ne Banaya 

(what we built)


As the festival reaches its 5th year, we pause to reflect on all the objects and ideas that shaped us in the local music scene as we shaped them back.


The spirit of Lahore Music Meet is rooted in creating a culture of inclusion and representation while building from the ground up. The simple kindness of sharing one’s craft with people is a humbling and brave act and any art that emerged from it had to reflect this. Not the celebrity-centric VIP culture but the culture of sharing a community.


The LMM design language has adopted a very DIY/found objects/opportunities style of salvaging things and restoring them. It is a very raw grassroots movement. Appreciating the past and bringing it back into the setting of the current musical consciousness naturally became a part of the visual narratives. As did the cultural and spiritual iconography of the region that is deep rooted in our musical psyche and something that has managed to evolve with us over centuries.


Thus the visual landscape for LMM is a tribute to Pakistan’s distinctive music, old and new. Low-tech audio devices with high tech electronic equivalents, all make up our unique heritage and future.


We grow closer, we carry what we loved and we recreate ourselves again.


Sana Nasir

Art Director

Lahore Music Meet



About the Art Director

Sana Nasir is an international award winning Illustrator and Graphic Designer. She graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture where as a student, she founded a design activism group called Designers United for a Cause, Karachi! (D.U.C.K!) and has since been pursuing her illustration and design practice in the realms of music visualization, design education, publishing, community engagement and activism and also spearheads an ongoing series of talks, Freelance Ain't Free.

Nasir’s talk ‘Design in the Name of Love’ was featured at the National Digital Design Conference (ND2C) in 2018.

Currently Nasir resides in Karachi under her artist name, ‘Koi Nahi’ and is the Art Director for Lahore Music Meet  and Sine Valley Festival – Nepal and is Creative Director at The Hive.


Photo credit: Malika Abbas for Womanistan